About the Author:

Billie Kowalewski

Author, Story-Teller, Visonary.

Starting at a very young age, Billie has always been a story teller. In grade school, she often drove her classmate’s nuts with wild tales she told about her home life during school. She spent her childhood and well into her adult years playing in her imagination as well dreaming up many stories and characters. At times she felt that her imagination was wildly out of control and was unsure of what to do with it. She toyed with the idea of writing one of her stories down, but without the formal education that most authors have she lacked the confidence she needed for a long time and was unsure of where to begin.

She often combed bookstore and library shelves for stories similar to what she had been imagining—especially one story in particular—and often came away disappointed. Although she loves many authors work none of them ever came close to what she was longing for. She slowly came to realize that in order for her to ever be able to read it, she’s gonna have to create it herself.

It was in April of 2010 that she finally decided to give it a try. She had no idea, what that journey would entail or how long it would take, but she never gave up and never stopped. Finally, she found the best outlet for her crazy imagination, she was in love, and has never looked back. After four drafts and six crazy years, she finally finished her first novel, Enlightened. She is excitedly looking forward to creating even more stories in the future.

Billie presently lives in Connecticut with her own soul mate, and her wonderful daughter and son. She drives a school bus for the town of East Haddam and she couldn’t be happier.